A look into Honda's low-drag rear wing

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As part of their major Monza package, Honda introduced a completely new rear wing. The new wing consists of two elements with the obligatory spacer in the middle to prevent the slot gap from closing at high speeds.
There is also a cutout in the middle of the wing - alike but bigger than on the Red Bull RB4 -, similar to what can be seen on the outer sides. These items would have made the wing ideal for bending and hence reducing drag at high speeds, but since the rules do not allow that, the team added a small strut in the middle of each half to make sure the wing passes the strength test.
The end plates are also interesting to take a closer look at. Especially aside of the rear wheel where a clear inside bend is noticeable. While most teams choose to cut the end plate back, Honda opt to prevent the wheel's turbulent flow from ending up under the rear wing. After all, a steady stream from over the sidepods will allow for much more efficiency towards increased downforce and lower drag at the same time.

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