New rear wing and T-wings for McLaren

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Despite knowing that late aerodynamic developments are useless in perspective to 2009, McLaren have brought some interesting changes to Brazil. Most important is the new rear wing, specifically developed for this circuit. At both sides, the rear wing has upward curves, and while that in itself is not very new, the upper plane follows the same curve and extends to the leading edge of the end plates. While this is hard to explain without detailed CFD analyses, the new shape is most likely working in combination with the end plate slits to create a little extra downforce with the lowest possible drag.
Apart from the new rear wing, McLaren's car is also fitted with single element T-wings, designed to meet just the amount of downforce required at Interlagos.


By wesley123 on 01-11-2008 at 21:11

that endplates look like a renault 2005 and 2006 combi. The 2005 rear wing also has that slit bend upwards, i thought it was to allow cleaner airflow out of the first element

By DanyalDenyo on 04-11-2008 at 15:30

well obviously the car wasn't very competitive in the weekend. i wonder how much this new rear wing has to do with the competitiveness of the car. i think its possible that mclaren may have opted for a lower than usual downforce (and drag) to use the engine in a safer low-power configuration. afaik macca didn't have an engine failure this year but then there's a possibility to suffer from a blown engine, especially when its the 2nd race of it.

By crbassassin on 18-01-2010 at 20:33

the t wing was used at canada, monza, and spa too

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