2009: Smaller and higher rear wing

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One of the most striking changes for 2009 will certainly be the smaller but higher rear wing. Its new maximum width is now defined to be 750mm rather than 1000mm, while the maximum height is set to 950mm above the car's reference place.
While such change may not be aesthetically pleasing, it basically is based on the rear wings of the early nineties. Over the years, the FIA tried to reduce downforce by lowering the rear wing, but analysis have showed that the teams have made such progress that it didn't have the desired effect. Together with that, it also worsened the wake behind the rear wing, making it more difficult to pass.
The new rear wing regulations are designed to resolve all that by decoupling it more from the diffuser's upwash and allowing it to be more efficient due to its higher position.
Note however that the rear wing in the image is an interim version of the BMW Sauber F1.08B. While it features the correct dimensions, the wing had 3 aerofoils, instead of the allowed two.


By Bacchulum on 26-11-2008 at 07:40

I may very well be wrong, but I would've thought a single plain, wide wing would give the same downforce as a narrow, two plane wing. We could have the same result but with good looking cars.

By wesley123 on 26-11-2008 at 14:37

But then alot more turbulence=worse passing.

They should have done the CDG wing, same rear downforce but better passing.

This doesnt change a thing as they dont have any downforce to keep close. They should have allowed the teams wider diffusers and more flow into it.

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