Bargeboards are still present in F1

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Despite various regulation measures to simplify the aerodynamics of current Formula One cars, teams are exploring all possible areas where some gains can be made. In this early stage of the season, the area under the nose and ahead of the sidepods looks to be interesting for car development, mostly because it's not that strictly regulated.

While some teams have designed more complex splitters, Ferrari have chosen to continue using barge boards, albeit smaller ones than before. The unpainted - hence black because of the carbon fibre - panels are just within the maximum with of the car in this area. Rather than being an air for cooling, the new barge boards aim to guide air nicely around the sidepod. Compared to letting the airflow just hit the front of the sidepods, this will come with a reduction of drag.


By Toteki on 31-03-2009 at 13:32

I saw the pictures of this weekend's GP and the bargeboards on the BrawnGP car are even more visible. It is indeed searching the limits of what is allowed and what is not.

I saw the other cars as well, and they do have really small(er than BrawnGP) bargeboards or none at all.

I think BrawnGP did a good job with them.

By Steven on 31-03-2009 at 19:54

I think Ferrari and Red Bull have the biggest barge boards, which is why I looked at one of these.
The Brawn GP bargeboard is fairly small but indeed very visible as it's painted white.

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