Red Bull revise year old brake ducts

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Somehow the previous design must have been a fairly efficient one as Red Bull have been using the round brake duct (left of image) since at least the beginning of 2008. As of that design, Red Bull have always consistently built their ducts from Windform XT, a rapid prototyping material often used to create the models tested in windtunnels.

The latest design is from the same material but changes the shape of the air inlet. The outer part, closest to the wheel is now (right of image) in line with the tyre wall. It still points down so that it exactly matches the direction of airflow behind the front wing's elements.


By wesley123 on 08-04-2009 at 16:32

interesting design, the other teams have this duct shape for a longer time, so its interesting to see why rb didnt addobt them earlier

By DaBeast on 16-04-2009 at 16:49

Mclaren has been using the larger air ducts since the early 2000's already. The issue is balancing drag vs cooling effect. A larger intake adds additional drag, but at the same time increases cool air volume to breaks. So during straight line racing it becomes a burden, while cornering can be more efficient through later breaking and longer breaking endurances.

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