New nose for Red Bull RB5

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Red Bull were starting to miss their duck resembling noses and hence changed the previous one to one that more fits its tradition. The new nose is wider and also slightly higher than the version which the team used for the first 7 Grand Prix. In order to prevent the obligated camera housing from mixing up the airflow too much, the team chose to move them forward as much as possible, effectively putting them to use as straighteners for the airflow alongside the nose cone.

Also note the marked ride height sensor that it attached in a carbon fibre hub under the nose cone. It was used on Friday by the team to measure the influence of the car's new parts - which also include a new diffuser.


By gcdugas on 21-06-2009 at 16:47

Any pics of the new diffuser since you mentioned iy?

By gcdugas on 22-06-2009 at 04:44

Tomba is the greatest! Minutes after I asked about the new diffuser he posted a dedicated article about it. And I might also add that this article on the new RBR nose came within minutes of a similar request. Perhaps I am just too impatent and Tomba is working on what I am thinking. Hey Tomba... I am thinking about the new LottO number... can you publish it before they choose it? I will give you 50%

By Steven on 22-06-2009 at 12:18

4 8 12 18 34 (never won before, but better try it anyway :D)

Thanks. Any hints about car updates always welcome!

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