Force India revise sidepod panel

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Along with their aerodynamic update at the European GP in Valencia, Force India introduced an updated version of their sidepod panel. More specifically at the top end of the panel, airflow is now possible in between the fence and the sidepod's shell. Previously, this area was part shaped as a splitter to divert air around it.

The new version helps Force India to reduce the car's drag, while the little winglet lower down on the panel still helps downforce at the rear by creating a high energy vortex. A similar vortex generator can be found on Toyota's car.


By mach11 on 08-09-2009 at 18:29

i think this year force india is going to finish on a high....

By Mazdaboy on 14-09-2009 at 12:16

After Monza, Force India came up to the top 4 places (Brawns, Mclarens and Ferraris). That's very good result from this team, because his budget smaller than the other teams.

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