Optimum brake caliper position on RB6

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While Red Bull have chosen a development approach rather than a complete redesign, the list of optimisations on the car is nearly endless. One of the more interesting items is the location of the brake calipers, constructed by Brembo in Red Bull's case.

On both the front and rear wheels, the calipers are positioned at the bottom end of the brake discs, creating the lowest possible centre of gravity for the wheels. While Honda have come close to this in 2006, most teams have compromised their approach by positioning the pads more to the rear. This position was often necessary to provide enough cooling to the brakes, and it is a particular achievement that Red Bull managed to design its brake system like this, at a time when the brake system will be pushed harder than ever.


By rubbergoat on 30-03-2010 at 15:42

How interesting that placing the brake pad at the bottom affects the cooling. I wonder if this is a factor in the 'brake failure' that Vettel suffered in Australia?

By Jonsson on 14-06-2010 at 18:47

Aha! We may have found an answer to his overheating problems in Canada! Clever positioning, but possibly detrimental in high stress tracks.

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