Any cooling opening will do in the desert

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BMW Sauber already had louvers last year in this area, and this time around it's Force India and McLaren that have extended on this concept. At both teams, the car is fitted with an extra cooling opening on both sides of the cockpit. Just like at McLaren, it's an open outlet with the sides covered with shark gills.

The cooling elements' position is strictly defined by the regulations, as anything farther away from the centre of the car is bound to be a continuous shape, hence not allow a hot air exhaust.


By JVogt on 13-03-2010 at 14:29

Any idea how Ferrari's shark gills just ahead of the exhaust exits are legal?

By mx_tifoso on 16-03-2010 at 22:01

Read the thread dedicated to the Ferrari F10 if you want more information. =)

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