Lotus introduce simplified front wing

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Sometimes in Formula One it doesn't have to be complicated. For many it appeared like the Lotus T127 was an underdeveloped car with only the front wing having enjoyed some thorough development. In their Spanish update however, the team are running a much simpler front wing, which apparently proves useful for the drivers.

While the previous front wing endplate had several vertical panels attached to each other with small winglets, the new version is a basic endplate, a flat floor panel in yellow and a small guiding vane fixed on top of that. The wing itself is a more fluent design as the vertical separator was removed. The stacked panel is now smaller and resembles a Williams design as it is held up solely by its connection on the end plate. It lacks any other support pillar.


By mycadcae on 10-05-2010 at 15:28

reduce the part, and in terms of aerodynamics can be said to add speed

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