Renault introduce another new front wing

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Renault was apparently not joking when they claimed to update their in every race. The team did not introduce a major update in Spain but has brought new updates at every single Grand Prix, each of them effectively used as they were all found to be consistent with windtunnel data. Together, Renault's car has already improved 0.75s since the first Grand Prix.

This time around, the team had another new front wing development, an area where they admitted to be lacking last year. The new version features a turning vane below the stacked element to help manage flow together with the endplates. More important however is the change in profile of the major planes. Stepping away from the steep drop the elements features towards the centre of the wing, the new wing shows an upward leading edge of the middle element, whereas the base plane is now split in two, inward of the front wing adjuster.


By korzeniow on 18-05-2010 at 09:42

Front wing on the second picture was also used by Kubica in Spain, not only in Monaco.

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