Williams move forward with blown rear end

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Williams have introduced yet another major car update at Silverstone after introducing an effective F-duct at the previous Grand Prix, held at Valencia. The car already showed much improved pace in Spain, but at Silverstone both drivers could confirm their performances thanks to a new blown diffuser.

The change will obviously benefit the FW32 a lot as it previously featured high exhausts that appeared to disturb upper sidepod airflow quite a lot. The new sidepod slopes down much steeper, resembling much the design of the Red Bull. With this change, exhaust gases are now pushed onto the diffuser, allowing it to work more efficiently while drag will certainly have reduced above the sidepod.


By Jonsson on 14-07-2010 at 16:30

I wonder if these teams worry about the variable exhaust flow through the diffuser. Doesn't that leave the driver with a car that has lower down force when the car is revving low? Maybe they just keep the engine at its limit around high speed corners.

By mx_tifoso on 14-07-2010 at 21:11

Jonsson, that discussion is currently going on in the "Blown Diffuser??" thread. You're welcome to join in.

http://www.f1technical.net/forum/viewto ... =6#p185030

By Steven on 14-07-2010 at 21:26

The point of these exhaust blown diffusers is that most of the exhaust gases are blown over the diffuser. The last time they were used in the 90's they blew into the central channel of the diffuser, making the car very throttle sensitive. That was basically the reason why they abandoned it in the first place.

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