Monza special front wing on Virgin VR-01

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Virgin Racing have still not given up on development of their 2010 car, and as a result they brought a new rear and front wing to the high speed circuit. While the rear wing is still simple and has less drag through its reduced panel surface, the front wing is a major change.

At least it is for Virgin, one of the new teams. It is well known that Wirth Research and Virgin aim to do cost effective development and only change what gives the most benefit. The front wing endplates are therefore retained, except for the removal of a small winglet on the inside of the plates. The wing's panels though are much smaller, with the largest surface mainly located in front of the wheels, a crucial decision in trying to limit drag from the rotating wheels. The cut of the panel also allows more clean airflow into the brake duct, another crucial performance differentiator at Italy.

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