Renault's Monza rear end, a particular concept

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Apart from its new front wing, Renault also brought a new rear wing to Monza. While at basically remained the same, the upper panel was cut out at its trailing edge, apart from the attachment points to the endplates as well as the midpoint of the wing.

Also marked with arrows is the F-duct exit which blows air when the stalling device is not operating. Interestingly, this is the only air exhaust one can see on the Renault from behind, in sharp contrast with Red Bull. Renault have designed their sidepods to be long and fairly big, even at the back, so that all hot air from within the pods are blown onto the diffuser. This design is particularly interesting for rear downforce as the hot air can help energise the diffuser's decks.

As said, Red Bull have taken a completely different approach with extremely narrow sidepods, but the RB6 features a large opening below the F-duct exit to get rid of its hot air.

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