Ferrari open up lower diffuser deck

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Ferrari have appeared at Brazil with a new diffuser modification, introducing its own version of an open fronted diffuser. As marked, the diffuser is now open where it meets the floor, allowing exhaust gases to flow through this opening into the lower deck. Red Bull debuted this type of diffuser, and many teams followed quickly. It is thus surprising that Ferrari comes up with development with just 2 more races to go, especially as this design feature will be outlawed on 2011.

Technically, the change takes part of the exhaust gases through this slot into the lower part of the diffuser where it energizes the airflow and creates additional downforce.


By Jonsson on 15-11-2010 at 18:57

I wonder about the Renault diffuser. They had so much grip coming out of turns in Abu Dhabi, it makes me think they were generating more low speed downforce than the others. Something about the Renaults made it impossible for Alonso to pass, and with Ferraris downforce upgrades throughout the latter half of the year, I couldn't have ever imagined they would have trouble passing a Renault. Perhaps it had something to do with all of those off-camber corners that Tilke likes so much.

By mx_tifoso on 15-11-2010 at 21:20

Hamilton also had difficulty overtaking Kubica.

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