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2006: Adaptation of the zero keel

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In the first part of our technical review of 2006 we mark up that most teams have searched for success with different keel designs compared to 2005. Honda, BMW, Toyota and Midland have all chosen for the zero keel, thinking that the aerodynamic benefits would outweigh the disadvantages in front suspension geometry. Looking backward, it were still single (or V) keeled designs that ruled. None of the teams have performed very well in twisty circuits, apart for Button's Honda that prof... Read more

New W-rear wing for BMW Sauber

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BMW's new rear wing sports a new profile that reminds somehow of McLaren front wing designs at the time of the MP4-18. A W-shaped plane with an upward bend in the centre is designed for a reasonable compromise between drag and downforce. Their wing allowed for high topspeeds as it is low on drag while providing the maximum possible grip in the chicanes and both lesmo corners.

Sidepod shield for BMW Sauber

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After Renault introduced their version of the sidepod shield at Montreal, BMW now also have one. Instead of a shield though, it is more of a winglet, as at the inside of the vertical place, a small wing is attached to push air upwards and gain some downforce. The plates of Renault and Honda do not have any such wing and function only as guidance for the air passing by.