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2006: Invisible upturn at Honda

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In sharp contrast to the visible upturn of sister team Super Aguri, Honda Racing itself was able to find back performance without making big changes to visible aerodynamic parts. Honda was doing pretty well at the beginning of the season with Button being on pole position at Australia. However, due to tyre and internal team problems, performance fell down while other teams kept improving. As Barrichello got the grips to the Honda, Button and the team on itself lost it completely. It... Read more

2006: Sidepod vanes for everyone

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Similar to the adoption of the twin keel front suspension the sidepod vanes are not new but have only been used by few teams in 2005. At the beginning of 2006, Honda, Toyota and Midland each had a version of the elements. The sidepod vane is in all its version located just ahead of the sidepod and above the air inlet. At the end of the season the vanes were for all teams attached at the sidepods. The aim of the carbon element is to improve airflow from behind the front wheels over a... Read more

New honda front wing

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In the early part of the season and during winter testing, Honda were using a front wing with an upper element spanning from the end plates to the nose cone. Eventually, Ferrari developed a similar upper element, but now Honda have found the spoons seen at Williams more efficient. The element are rather small compared to the latest evolution at Williams. Also, the profile of the wing has been slightly altered with curvature similar to their Silverstone front wing.