Eagle Weslakeunited kingdom

Founded: 1966

Eagle only build one car that appeared in F1, but that very car is considered by many to be the most beautiful Grand Prix car ever built. The Eagles beak nose and titanium exhaust manifold certainly made it distinctive. The car was powered by a 3-litre, quad-cam, 48-valve V12 which proved to be very powerful at that time.

Built by Dan Gurney's Anglo-American Racers, the V12 Eagle completed just one full year yet proved instantly competitive, qualifying on average in third place on the grid and, on one wonderful weekend, winning the most difficult race of all, the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa. Now imagine a brand new F1 team doing as much today.


All Formula One cars of Eagle Weslake
Car designationRace years
Eagle Westlake T1G1966 - 1969