Brawn GP

Team logoBased in: Brackley, UK
Founded: 2009 (active 2009)

Principal: Ross Brawn
Chief Executive Officer: Nick Fry
Head of Aerodynamics: Loic Bigois
Sporting Director: Ron Meadows

Brawn GP is the factual continuation of the Honda Racing F1 team based at Brackley, except for some management and income changes. Due to Honda pulling out of Formula One, Ross Brawn has emerged to take over the team and take up the principal role after having working only a single year at Brackley for Honda.

Brawn GP starts its Formula One racing life with the same drivers that Honda left it with. Button and Barrichello are reliable and experienced, two assets very important for the young team. Despite its age, it soon became obvious that Brawn had good cards on hand to play in 2009 as Honda had invested massive amounts of money into the new car.

The BGP001 was the result of 3 parallel projects at Honda aimed at maximising the potential of the drastic rule changes. With a double deck diffuser on the car as of the first winter tests, the car was simply unbeatable and dominated all winter tests and the first half of the season.

In fact it was so good that the team switched its attention to 2010 early on, only to put back some resources for another 3 weeks later on in the season when Ross Brawn found it necessary to secure the world championship. Red Bull had made massive progress and started to dominate halfway through the season. The extra 3 tenths with the latest step of the car proved enough however to secure both titles, with Jenson Button becoming the world champion for the first time in his career.

At the end of this immensely succesful debut season, the team was sold to Mercedes on November 16, 2009 and continues under the "Mercedes GP" flag.


All Formula One cars of Brawn GP
Car designationRace years
Brawn BGP0012009