Scuderia Italiaitaly

Team logoBased in: Brescia
Founded: 1972 (active 1988-1992)

Principal: Gianpaolo Dallara

Gianpaolo Dallara's involvement in racing began when he was commissioned by Beppe Lucchini's Brescia Motor Sport operation to build a chassis for his Scuderia Italia team. His first car was the Wolf-Dallara Formula 3 car of 1978 but prior to this, he was a successful consultant designer, his work including the de Tomaso Formula 1 car, a number of F2 designs along with various Lamborghini road cars.

The Formula 1 cars bearing the name Dallara were run by Scuderia Italia with financial backing from the millionaire businessman 'Beppe' Lucchini. A single car was run in 1988, whern it was generally rated as competent.

For 1989 Dallara finished eighth in the Constructors' Cup. That was the year that the administration of the company was split from the team. Vittorio Palazanni took overall charge of the operation leaving Dallara to concentrate on technical matters.

Dallara chassis are still widely used in European lower formula racing although Formula 1 was never really kind to this competent team and it's popular founder.


All Formula One cars of Scuderia Italia
Car designationRace years
Dallara 30871988
Dallara BMS-F1881988
Dallara BMS-F1891989
Dallara BMS-F1901990
Dallara BMS-F1911991
Dallara BMS-F1921992
Lola T93-301993