EuroBrun Racingitaly

Team logoBased in: Senago, Milan
Founded: 1987 (active 1988-1990)

Principal: Walter Brun
Technical director: Gianpaulo Pavanello (1988)
Designers: Bruno Zava (1988), Mario Tollentino (1988), Roberto Ori (1989-1990)

Successful sports car driver and slot machine magnate Walter Brun teamed up with Gianpaulo Pavanello's Euroracing operation and built the cars at the latter's workshops.

From the very beginning Brun found out the hard way that playing in the big league would not be easy. His dream of using German drivers and a German engine did not help matters. In the first season two cars were run with a best placing of eleventh which did little to set off the fact that the car also failed to qualify 14 times.

On the whole the team did little credit to its founders or to F1 racing in general.


All Formula One cars of EuroBrun Racing
Car designationRace years
Euro Brun ER-1881988
Euro Brun ER-188B1989
Euro Brun ER-189B1990