Equipe Matrafrance

Team logoBased in: Velizy
Founded: 1942 (active 1966-1972)

Principal: Jean-Luc Lagardere

Mecanique Aviation Traction were originally a military hardware company which acquired the Rene Bonnet car company in 1964. Under the Matra Sports subsidiary, they contested Formula 3 in 1965, Formula 2 in 1966, before entering Grand Prix racing via the back door of the F2 class.

A two pronged attack on the championship was established with Ken Tyrrell's team, using a chassis mated to the Ford Cosworth DFV and the factory producing a variation to take its own V12 engine. Victory eluded the factory operation but the howling V12 engine continued for some time with Shadow and Ligier.

Matra withdrew from F1 to continue with its sports car successes.


All Formula One cars of Equipe Matra
Car designationRace years
Matra MS51966 - 1967
Matra MS71967 - 1968
Matra MS91968
Matra MS111968
Matra MS101968 - 1969
Matra MS801969
Matra MS841969
Matra-Simca MS1201970 - 1971
Matra-Simca MS120B1971
Matra-Simca MS120C1972
Matra-Simca MS120D1972