Moneytron Onyxunited kingdom

Team logoBased in: Littlehampton
Founded: 1979 (active 1989-1990)

Principal: Mike Earle (1989), Jean-Pierre van Rossem (1989), Middlebridge Group (1989), Peter Monteverdi (1990)
Designers: Bernie Marcus (1989), Alan Jenkins (1989), Ken Anderson (1990)

The team began as Onyx Engineering in Littlehampton and achieved many successful years in F3000. An eventful F1 baptism saw the team initially failing to qualify and then ending with a podium finish.

The colourful Belgian businessman Jean-Pierre van Rossem (from the sponsors Moneytron) bought out Mike Earle in December 1989, but sold the team to Peter Monteverdi early the next year. The latter relocated to Switzerland in July and renamed the cars Monteverdi, before folding altogether in August of that year.


All Formula One cars of Moneytron Onyx
Car designationRace years
Onyx ORE-11989 - 1990
Onyx ORE-21990