Osella Squadra Corseitaly

Team logoBased in: Volpiano, Turin
Founded: 1972 (active 1980-1990)

Principal: Enzo Osella

Initially running Abarth sports cars, Osella built its first car for F2 in 1974. The Formula One team was taken over by Gabriele Rumi's Fondmetal organisation, originally a major sponsor, in 1990 and renamed the following year.

The team finally closed after the Italian GP in 1992.


All Formula One cars of Osella Squadra Corse
Car designationRace years
Osella FA11980
Osella FA1B1980 - 1981
Osella FA1C1981 - 1982
Osella FA1D1982 - 1983
Osella FA1E1983 - 1984
Osella FA1F1984 - 1986
Osella FA1G1985 - 1987
Osella FA1H1986
Osella FA1I1987 - 1988
Osella FA1L1988
Osella FA1M891989 - 1990
Osella FA1ME1990