Toyota TF106 Bahrain aero

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Panasonic Toyota Racing has unveiled a new aerodynamic package for its TF106 race car ahead of the season-opening grand prix in Bahrain. The new package has been introduced in time for the final two pre-season tests in Vallelunga and Barcelona and will make its debut at the Italian track on Tuesday 14 February. This feature outlines the major differences between the TF106 that has been testing since the end of November 2005 and the version that will race in Bahrain.

Top view

The new nose is based on the strong spoon shape form.
1) The new flaps are more twisted compared to the similar ones introduced at Monaco in 2005
2) There are additional little horizontal fins
3) There is a new outside fin
4) A double profile is attached to the nose cone
5) New more aerodynamic wishbone shape
6) different turning vanes
7) new fins in front of the side pods with vertical splitter
8 ) New smaller winglet attached to the top of the side pods
9) More sculptured side pods
10) New position of the exhausts with small side gills for the exit of hot air (12)
11) New winglet integrated with chimneys
13) Different position of mini wing
14) New engine cover with better shape to cover the gearbox
15) Mini plane attached to the deformable structure

Side View Comparison

The TF106 that tests at Vallelunga from 14 February includes an all-new aero package for the first races.
1) New front wing with different end plate and external side fin
2) An additional pair of fins located beside the nose cone that makes 4 fins in total
3) Modified guide vanes 4) New aero spec in front of the side pods with little vertical turning vanes
5) Side pods more sculpted in the low section to increase airflow to the back of the car
6) New position of the side pods winglet
7) Four winglets in the airbox area instead of two
8 ) New position of the exhausts and small outlet gills for removal of hot air
9) New winglet integrated with the chimneys
10) The bodywork in front of the rear tyres has been modified
11) Only one vertical fin in the lower section towards the rear of the car
12) New diffuser
13) New deformable structure to cope with a more severe crash test

Side pods

The major differences between the car used in winter testing and the one used at the Vallelunga test are concentrated in the side pods
1) New turning vanes with little vertical splitter and a second little
gurney flap (2) attached to the horizontal fin with a modified shape
3) The side pods are much narrower in the low part to match the reduced
cooling needs and to improve the airflow to the rear of the car
4) Winglets are new and smaller than the previous ones
5) New chimneys are mounted with an increased angle towards the oustside and are integrated with new winglet of the side pods

Front Wing

The new aero package starts with a new front wing, based on the 2005 Monaco front wing that already had a second small wing (2). The new version also includes a small fin on the inside (1) and also on outside (3). At the side of the nose cone there are 2 additional fins (4). The first two fins (on top) were introduced already at the start of the 2005 season.