Barcelona 1-4 March

Mercedes AMG wheel fairing
Caterham CT-01 brake duct
Caterham roll hoop detail
Sauber sidepod uncovered
Button returns to pits
McLaren diffuser detail
Massa lapping with flowvis on brakeducts
Petrov returns to the pits
Caterham CT-01
Force India VJM05 exhausts
Sauber nosevent detail
Sauber diffuser detail
Ferrari rear suspension detail
Toro Rosso in pits
Top view of Lotus E20
Grosjean in pits
Lotus nose detail
Toro Rosso rear end detail
Nico Rosberg entering the pitlane
Mercedes W03 rear suspension
Mercedes W03 rear suspension detail
Webber returns to the pits
Ferrari new exhaust position
Ferrari rear suspension detail
Petrov enters the pitlane
Rearwing airflow visualisation
Alonso driving though the pitlane
Romain Grosjean