Hard work for Badoer

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After a dominating 2002 season Ferrari is finally being reminded how tough competition feels like. Ferraris main competitor at the moment is Williams. Ferraris test driver had this to say: "The testing ban has come at the wrong time. We would like to test and we have a lot of things to try, including evaluating tyres in order to move forward. However, the situation is the same for all the teams. After Hungary, we will test in Monza and at that time we will test all the developments lined up over the past months."Thursday, Badoer shook down the Ferrari F2003GA, in Fiorano, the Ferrari will be used at the Hungarian GP.

"Even though there is no track testing, there is still plenty to do. I only spent a few days at home and apart from that, I've been very busy", continued Badoer
"It's true I've been able to have a bit of a longer break than usual. As far as work on the track goes, we are only allowed to cover a few kilometres. Obviously, we try and make the most of them, to leave nothing to chance."

He has been testing for Ferrari for six seasons now, but he is not restless to go back to racing. He said: "My job is to move the development on the car forward. I love driving more than anything and I get to drive the best car, which is the Ferrari, just as it was in the past. "I also enjoy the technical side, making progress and continually trying to improve and trying new things. "Of course, I would like to race for Ferrari, but given this is not possible, I enjoy my job for what it is. I like my work and everything that goes with it. "Last year, we did around 23,000 kilometres of testing and this year, I don't think we will be far off that figure. It's a heavy workload but that is also a positive side of the job."