Irvine on the FIA

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Since ex-Jaguar driver Eddie Irvine has departed from F1, he has still kept busy. In an article for the SUN Newspaper, Eddie writes about how he belies that the FIA has a special leniency towards Michael Schumacher. Although he states that he understands why the FIA didn't penalize Ralf Schumacher so harshly--for the German Grandprix incident."While I don't agree with the leniency shown to Schumacher, I do understand why the FIA reduced his punishment so that the championship continues being a four-way tussle," explained Irvine, "With Schuey Jnr still in with a shout it all adds to the tension as the title chase reaches it's climax, even though it's a little false."

Irvine also goes on to refers to a bitter incident in 1994 involving himself and Oliver Panis, when the FIA harshly penalized him, "I still get annoyed at my treatment by the FIA back in 1994.

They handed me a one-race ban for causing a crash at the Brazilian Grand Prix - and then I had it increased to THREE races on appeal.
I am certain the only reason for the increased sentence was because I turned up at the hearing in Paris wearing jeans and they wanted to teach me a lesson. The annoying thing was the smash was unavoidable because I had to swerve when a driver ahead of me blew up." (Felipe Fernandes)