Goal accomplished in Monza - Raikkonen

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On Sunday, Scuderia Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen secured the fifth consecutive podium for the red team in front of the Tifosi by finishing the Italian Grand Prix in third position. The Finn looks back on the race at Monza and is already excited about the race in Singapore.

Kimi Raikkonen: "Before we arrived at the Italian GP I said that a place on the podium was our goal and that for reaching it we’d have to do everything 100 percent. My forecast was correct: we got out the car’s potential and me made it. The qualifying went very well. The

"F60 was set up well and the KERS was lots of help: in Q3 I had one of the best laps this season and I was very happy. Third on the grid was very important for a good result. We knew that many had opted for a one-stop strategy. The difference between the two strategies is extremely small on this track and those who didn’t use the KERS had a valid option with the one-stop strategy.

"I had a very good start, but because Hamilton wasn’t as fast I had to lift my foot and move to the left, where I touched the grass with two wheels. I managed to pass Sutil and that was the decisive move so that I was able to fight for the podium. We didn’t make any mistakes for the whole race: it was a piece of luck that we gained the third place, but in the end it’s the result that counts. It was a perfect weekend, because we couldn’t have done any better.

"I’m really happy for another place on the podium, especially because we gained it in front of the numerous Ferrari fans: when you see all the flags of the Prancing Horse in the wind you understand how much passion there is. That was a great feeling for me.

"The Brawns seem to be there again, fighting for the title, while Red Bull’s situation is more complicated. Webber and Vettel won’t give up, but they have to hope that the two Brawns will have some problems if they want to catch up. My goal is to help the Team keeping the third position in the Constructors’ standings and gaining as many points as possible.

"The next race will be held in Singapore, where I didn’t finish the race last year. Nevertheless it’s a place I really like a lot. We have to do the same we did in Monza: trying to get the best out of the F60 and gaining a place on the podium for the fifth time in a row. The more the championship proceeds the more difficult it is for us, because the others continue developing their cars, while we don’t have any innovations coming up anymore."

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