Moral obligation to still believe in the title - Alonso

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During the summer Wroom-event in the Italian Dolomites, Scuderia Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso made it very clear that it is his and his team's obligation to win as many races as possible for the remaining of the season and to still believe in the title.

Alonso said to the gathered press: “We must try and win as many races as possible. We are realistic and the championship situation is what it is, but we have seen so often that there can be sudden reversals. And after all, we are Ferrari and we have a moral obligation, especially for the millions of fans spread around the world, to always think of the maximum goal. We can’t ever say we will tackle eight races without having the championship in the back of our mind: we will always have an eye on the title, at least until there is no longer the slightest chance. Of course we must start winning and we have to hope that Vettel makes a few mistakes or has some problems.”

Chatting with the journalists, Fernando managed to find a good reason to win every race still to go. “In Spa I have never won in Formula 1 and it would be nice to do that, then comes Monza which is special and I would like to feel again the amazing feeling I got from it last year,” said the Ferrari man. “As for Singapore, I have already won twice and I got on the podium a third time: a magic race for me. Winning at Suzuka is great because of the nature of the track and I’ve already managed it in Korea, so doing the double would be welcome, just as it would be to write my name on the first line of the winners’ list for the Indian Grand Prix. Abu Dhabi? Well, you all know I would love to cancel out the horrible memories linked to that track… And Brazil is where I won both my world titles!”

The Spaniard did not want to make any promises he might not be able to keep, especially for the fans. “Formula 1 is too complicated a sport to make declarations. It requires everyone to give their all in order to win and the genius of an individual is not enough. If you look at Adrian Newey, it’s not a case of him turning up at Red Bull and at a stroke, creating a winning car with a magic wand. It took years for all the team to reach the level it is at now. It takes great people, structures and, clearly a little pinch of genius. I am convinced we too have that genius.”

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