Domenicali takes responsibility for Ferrari failure

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It has been more than four months that Stefano Domenicali left Ferrari on his own. The Imola-born man takes responsibility for Ferrari's struggles for competitiveness which has depicted the fabled squad for six years.

"I take the responsibility for the failure, things haven't worked out in the way I wanted. Obviously I have many memories and I may find someone someday who can put them down in writing. However I don't want to start any controversy."

Stefano disclosed he was about to start a new carrier as of this autumn, but he also gave away he had been enjoying his life after Ferrari.

"In fall I will get a new role, although these months without Ferrari have been merry as I managed to discover the beauty of everyday life."

The former Ferrari team principal is still carried away by the loyalty and talent of the great Michael Schumacher. He was still in contact with the family, but didn't want to give away any further information about the German ace's actual state of health.

"Michael Schumacher is the driver who I have the best relationship with. His contribution was tremendous not only because of his talent behind the wheel, but also due to the fact that he never showed his negative feelings in public when things went wrong. Behind closed doors, within the team he however could be very severe, even ruthless, but in public he always defended the team."

Domenicali still has a good relationship with Fernando Alonso whose words were sometimes mistranslated and misinterpreted according to the Italian.

"Fernando talks more to the media, his words are sometimes misinterpreted, but he never ever was negative towards the team. We were sometimes unlucky, we paid for our mistakes, but if we had won a couple of titles, no one could have questioned anything."