Jaguar racing introduces R5

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Jaguar racing today presented its 2004 contender, the R5 in Spain at the circuit de Catalunya. With the new car, they are aiming at reliability, which is why they chose to develop last year's car.The new R5 has visible resemblences, with the nose cone looking exactly the same. The rear has been ironed out to increase overall performance, just like all other teams aim to shrink the rear end and the sidepods.

However the car looks like a solid racer, it doesn't have the looks to be able to win races. Jaguar's aim is to further develop towards future succes, and they do not expect this car to join the top three teams yet.
A short testing in Belgium last week, done by Mark Webber had already undisclosed some problems with the car, that cannot be solved until about half the season, because of the financial limits at Jaguar.

ยป Technical specs Chassis: R5 composite monocoque structure, designed and built in-house, carrying the Cosworth Racing CR-6 V10 engine as fully stressed member.
Transmission: Jaguar seven-speed gearbox, longitudinally mounted high-pressure hydraulic system for power shift and clutch operation. AP Racing triple-plate pull-type clutch. Independent oil system using Castrol Fluid Technology.
Suspension: Front: Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon wishbones and pushrods. Torsion bar springing and anti-roll bar. Koni damper layout. Rear: Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon links and pushrods. Coil springs and torsion anti-roll bar. Koni damper layout.
Brakes: AP Racing lithium alloy six-piston callipers. Carbon Industrie or Brembo carbon/carbon discs and pads.
Wheels: OZ Racing Front: 12.7 in x 13 in Rear: 13.4 in x 13 in
Tyres: Michelin.
Electronics: Pi 'VCS' System. Integrated engine/chassis electronic control system.

Cosworth Racing CR-6 engine Capacity: 2998 cc
No. of cylinders: 10
Vee angle: 90 degrees
No. of valves: 40
Power output: Not disclosed.
Max engine speed: 18,000rpm.
Aluminium block and heads cast in Cosworth Racing's own foundry. Aluminium alloy pistons. Steel crankshaft.
Engine Management: Pi Research.
Ignition System: Cosworth Racing.
Spark Plugs: Champion.
Fuel: Castrol Racing Fuel.
Weight: Not disclosed.