Which drivers have received grid penalties at Monza?

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F1 Grand Prix, GP Italy, Autodromo Nazionale di Monzait

The Italian Grand Prix, Round 16 of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship has seen a long list of drivers and teams make strategic decision by taking fresh power units in order to fill up their pools with new elements for the remainder of the season.

For this season, FIA has changed the rules concerning the way drivers can use gearboxes throughout the championship. The 2022 rules split the gearboxes into two parts: casing & cassette and the internal components.

The new rules enforce a four casing and cassette limit on the cars taking part in the championship and the same numerical limit will be imposed on the components within the gearbox cassette itself.

Since last year, the power units consists of seven parts: internal combustion engine, turbocharger, motor generator unit – heat, motor generator unit – kinetic, energy store, control electronics with the exhaust system having been added to this list last year.

During the current season, drivers are allowed to use 3 ICE, 3 TC, 3 MGU-H, 3 MGU-K, 2 ES, 2 CE and 8 EX without penalty. When the use exceeds these amounts of power unit elements, the driver of that car will receive grid penalties in the following race.

Carlos Sainz will start today’s race from P18 after receiving a penalty for exceeding their maximum allocations of power unit parts. The Spaniard has received a fresh control electronics, internal combustion engine, turbocharger, motor generator unit – heat, motor generator unit – kinetic with the Ferrari driver exceeding his allocation with all the aforementioned elements. He also has a new gearbox case and gearbox internals for Monza.

Esteban Ocon is also on the list of drivers who have been handed a grid penalty for exceeding their allocation. The Frenchman will complete today’s Italian Grand Prix with a new internal combustion engine and a fresh exhaust system.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has also exceeded his allocation by receiving a fresh internal combustion engine, turbocharger, MGU-H and exhaust system.

Lewis Hamilton has also received a raft of fresh components including a new ICE, turbocharger, MGU-H, MGU-K and exhaust system. Save the EX, he has exceeded the allocation with all the other components.

Max Verstappen has received a new internal combustion engine that saw him exceed his allocation of engines for this season for the second time after Spa. His team mate Sergio Perez has exceeded his own allocation due to a fresh ICE which is the first time that is has happened this season.

Yuki Tsunoda will compete today with a fresh ICE, turbocharger, MGU-H, MGU-K and gearbox internals.

Mick Schumacher has received a new gearbox case, fresh gearbox internals and internal combustion engine with all of these changes having triggered a penalty. Furthermore, he also has a new exhaust system at his disposal this weekend, but he still has one more fresh EX for this season.

Valtteri Bottas will also serve a hefty grid drop penalty today after Alfa Romeo installed a fresh ICE, TC, MGU-H in to his car. The Finn has also started using the sixth exhaust system from his pool.

As a result of these changes, Yuki Tsunoda, Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton are required to start today’s Monza race from the back of the grid. Sergio Perez has been handed a ten-place grid drop for the new ICE. Valtteri Bottas and Kevin Magnussen have been handed a 15-place penalty for taking additional power unit elements.

Mick Schumacher has also received a 15-place grid drop penalty for taking additional restricted-number components. Max Verstappen has been handed a five-place grid drop penalty for taking a new ICE. Eseteban Ocon has received a five-place grid drop penalty for his additional fresh ICE.

Furthermore, Yuki Tsunoda has received two other penalties: a ten-place grid drop for the accumulation of five reprimands and a three-place grid penalty for failing to slow for yellow flags.