Everybody knows each other very well - Kubica

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BMW Sauber F1 Team Grand Prix driver Robert Kubica is to contest his first full Formula One season this year. Nevertheless, the Pole's preparation programme was no more extensive than prior to th 2006 season.

"My basic preparation was the same," Kubica says. "I did a lot of fitness work as it will be a long season - but I did the same last year." Over the course of the 2006 season, Robert covered a massive mileage as he was heavily involved in the team's testing programme and during Friday's practice session. In addition, he contested the final six Grands Prix of the season.

Now he's looking forward to being the team's GP driver from th very first race of the year. "Maybe this winter was a little more relaxed than the last", he adds. "In 2006, everything was new for me. Now, I am well established in the team and I think we have a good atmosphere. Everybody knows each other very well and that gives you a bit more confidence."

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