Technical problems for Heidfeld

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After a lot of rain and low temperatures during the recent tests in Spain, luckily in Bahrain the F1 teams were welcomed with dry and warm weather conditions. The two three day tests are the final ones before the season starts.

Today both drivers started in the morning working on a baseline setup for the F1.07 for the Bahrain circuit, where the third Grand Prix of the season is going to take place on April 15. Several drivers spun on the sandy track and caused a couple of red flags. The BMW Sauber F1 Team drivers suffered no such incidents, but Heidfeld could not complete his programme due to technical problems. Vettel’s F1.07, meanwhile, ran trouble free. His programme in the afternoon was tyre comparisons, testing new aero parts and work on the traction control.

What comes next: For tomorrow and Saturday Robert Kubica will take over from Vettel to join Heidfeld. In the morning Kubica has to set up his car as it will be his first day of testing in Bahrain. For Heidfeld some aerodynamic tests are scheduled. In the afternoon the team plans to carry out a race simulation with both cars.

Sebastian Vettel: Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.07-04 / BMW P86/7 V8 Test kilometres today: 325 km (60 laps) Fastest lap: 1:32.652 min

Nick Heidfeld: Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.07-02 / BMW P86/7 V8 Test kilometres today: 103 km (19 laps) Fastest lap: 1:32.810 min