Super Aguri puts on Honda front wing

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Although the newest Super Aguri is definitely a derivative from the Honda RA106, the team have developed the aero package over the winter. One of these new things included a new double front wing. The lower part of the image shows the new wing. It has a surprisingly flat upper panel compared to the Renault or Ferrari versions. The drivers hit the track with it on Friday but later in the weekend switched to another, simpler wing. The upper image is the front wing driven in the race and is identical to what we saw on the Honda last year. It's unfortunate the team switched to this, as new and improved packages are the most interesting in F1 these days. We may however see the new wing again on better suited circuits.


By jwielage on 21-03-2007 at 22:50

The one they used in Melbourne looks a lot more like the front wing used on the RA107. I the one they used over the weekend was more suited to the rest of their aero package.....gee I wonder why?

One thing I don\'t understand is why the wing currently on the RA107 is so much different that the rest of the front wings on the grid. The design seems quite a bit more rudimentary than what other teams are using. Do you guys agree?

By PNSD on 22-03-2007 at 09:24

The RA107 fw looks like the same wing Honda used at low downforce tracks last year =/ ... nforce.jpg ... nforce.jpg

By megz on 24-03-2007 at 07:39

Both the front and rear wings on the Honda are looking awfully square.

Im glad Super Aguri are doing so well!

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