McLaren develops 4 mirror system

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McLaren continue to develop their new mirrors located hidden behind the front wheels. Lewis Hamilton's car was first seen with the two extra mirrors at the latest Bahrain test. While the usual mirrors were still present, the outboard ones were fitted to the sidepod vane. It was a similar solution to what Renault had come up with. The similarities continue however as during the Sepang test, the outboard mirrors had an extra support to prevent the mirrors from shaking under high speeds. Renault also added such a strut after teams complained about the shaking. It appears now as the new mirrors will soon be raced, without of course the traditional inside mirrors.


By vyselegend on 01-04-2007 at 01:38

Mac Laren really seem to test and find a compromise between Ferrari\'s and Renault\'s interpretations of this philosophy (placing the mirrors in line with the front wheels). It has an attachement on the external upper part of the sidepod, like the Ferrari, but is linked to sidepod vane, like Renault.
I find it strange that they still test with both sets of mirrors. At Bahrein I thought they were in a rush and hadn\'t time to make a new part, but they are doingb the same a month later.

By mini696 on 02-04-2007 at 02:07

The original mirrors are intergrated into the tub cover, there is no point in making a one-off item to test the other mirrors, when they can still keep the onld ones there without any adverse affects to the vision of the new ones.

By chasefreak on 02-04-2007 at 10:28

i was reading soem where ... the only reason for hamilton to have four mirros was to keep an eye on engine smoke....since they were pushing the limits of the engines... which make more sense now

By jddh1 on 02-04-2007 at 22:17

yeah, but wouldn\'t it be easier for the team to tell him if the engine is overheating, considering that they get to read the telemetry?

By megz on 03-04-2007 at 04:27

Well both mirrors are on different angles so its feasable to be looking for engine smoke, but as Jddh1 said, the telemtry would show if anything was going wrong

By mini696 on 04-04-2007 at 02:27

It\'s all \'smoke and mirrors\'...

By Ray on 06-04-2007 at 00:16

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