New sidepod shields for Spyker

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Spyker was expecting quite a bit of their new aero package this weekend, but due to Sutil not completing a single lap and Albers suffering an engine failure early in the race that potential did not show. Part of the new package is the new sidepod shield as displayed down in the picture. The above part shows the previous item that was used at Australia and resembled very much that fitted on the M16. The new panel is different in a way that it's not anymore meant to create downforce but instead better guide air so that more downforce can be generated in the back of the car. Hereby they follow the phylosiphies of the top teams which optimise the car all around to increase downforce generated by the rear end.


By alancianese on 13-04-2007 at 00:46

i think spyker is on the right track. i personally believe mike gascoyne is a good aerodynamic director. i think toyota should have keep him and not relied on their suit and ties to make team decisions. i would love to see spyker take it too super aguri and toro rosso. and i think the actually have one of the most visually appearing car on the grid.

By jwielage on 13-04-2007 at 16:51

Regardless of the performance of the cars, neither Spiker drivers are looking paticularly sharp up to this point. At least 2 of their DNFs are due to flagrant driver error, I am not sure as to there other outcomes but I know they didn\'t cross the finish line at all in Melbourne. That being said I don\'t see the Toro Rosso or Super Aguri drivers making such flagrant mistakes. Both man an machine has to improve significantly before Spiker can even think about moving off the back row of the grid.

By megz on 14-04-2007 at 04:04

Agreed, The Spyker car isnt totally flawed, especially not the engine, yet they just arent quick at all. Sutil however does look better than Albers this weekend at Bahrain could be good for him.

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