Renault remove midwing for topspeeds

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The mid wing that Renault had just introduced at the Spanish Grand Prix has again been removed from the car after only two appearances. With 2 tracks ahead that require high top speeds, the team opted to remove the wing in favour of the reduced drag. The reduction in downforce is not an issue for Canada or the American GP since a medium to low downforce configurations are used for the wings too. The image on the left shows the locations where the wing was previously attached. It is however likely that it will be back after Indianapolis.


By vyselegend on 12-06-2007 at 17:29

The team also removed the front wing\'s upper plane (the curvy one connected to the nose). Sorry for the useless comment, but the car was much more beautifull that way.
Long live to low downforce circuits!

By Steven on 12-06-2007 at 18:58

Hehe true, still have to post that one ;)

Don\'t worry about uselesness, it can always help someone.

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