Williams go their own way on front wing design

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Williams continue to design their front wing independent of what the other teams are doing. The wing that was used in the first three races, as in the lower image, already was distinct as it featured a very smoothly curved base plane profile. This time around, the engineers left the bridge element unchanged, but changed all the rest. The Barcelona spec front wing sports 3 completely separate panels contrary to the previously half open main plane. Apart from that, the leading edge contains a big central spoon shape. The wing will undoubtedly add downforce at the front, but as the results of the Spanish GP show, it didn't have the desired effect that Williams were chasing.


By yelowca on 01-05-2008 at 21:14

i think they\'ve ust copied the lower wing element of the bmw with both designs. Neither designs are original if you ask me

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