All new W-wing for Honda

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Honda have raced their new W-shaped rear wing for the first time at Turkey. It had previously been tested at Barcelona before the Spanish GP. Previously, Honda's rear wing was a simple shaped horizontal aerofoil with an equal angle of attack over the entire span. For the new wing, the team appear to have started from scratch with some noticeable influence from Ferrari. The element now has a very curved lower element and, as a result, a variable angle of attack along the width of the wing. As Turkey requires slightly less downforce compared to Barcelona, this wing is more beneficial as it is induces less drag. In one move, new endplates were introduced that show some resemblence with the plates used by Renault in their 2006 spec Renault R26.


By ernos5 on 21-05-2008 at 12:03

i really like the look of the Honda 2008 car, is seems so flowing and wavy, kind of dreamy lol, it\'s a nice looking car

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