Front wheel fairings make definitive entry

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Since Ferrari introduced their front wheel fairing last year at Silverstone, several other teams have been diligently investigating the system and trying to fit it onto their own cars. At the Turkish GP, 6 teams were running front wheel fairings. From top left to bottom right, Red Bull, Ferrari, Honda, Renault and McLaren. Surprisingly, BMW is not running any covers, not at the front or rear wheels, despite showing them off at the car's launch. While many have tested both BMW's solution (closed when looking from the side of the wheel, none of them are running it. Honda for example were running closed fairings at last Barcelona test but decided to run Ferrari-like covers at Turkey for the first time. Renault and Red Bull started using theirs at the Spanish GP while McLaren have their own design as of the season opening Australian GP.


By jamsbong on 20-05-2008 at 03:49

I think the purpose of the covering is mainly to trim the air that passes around the tires. On the inside, the airflow is supposedly more organized as the brake cooling inlet cross-section area is now proportional or same as the outlet. This should provide more cooling without increasing the size of the duct.

I guess thats how it works.

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