McLaren introduce 6-panel front wing

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McLaren have taken front wing development to yet another level again. After having used a triple element front wing for several years, first the team introduced a bridge wing that was recently split up in two elements at the outer sides. At Silverstone however, the MP4-23 featured 4 panels - two grey and two red. The complexity is in stark contrast with the front wing of Force India, having only 2 base panels and simple nose-connected deck wings.


By wesley123 on 27-06-2008 at 13:25

Everybody can go back to the drawingsboard to design a new front wing. The mclaren frontwing was allready the best but now it is even better

By PNSD on 27-06-2008 at 14:34

It is similar to Hondas in a way, though Hondas being triplane.
The first plane is very thin and almost un-noticable like Hondas...
I know the addvantages of more planes but what could possibly be the addvantage in this case? I gather that in a sense the more planes there are the longer flow will stay attatched but what about with this?

By wesley123 on 27-06-2008 at 15:15

I think it reduces drag, it doesnt increase downforce due to the 4th plane attached as it is under a downwards angle, but more due to the better airstream under the wing

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