Force India introduce new sidepod design

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Force India have finally got rid of the huge chimneys that the car is featuring since the inauguration of the team. The team now developed a new sidepod cover that effectively closes the chimneys and adds a considerable amount of shark gills to provide enough cooling for the engine.
The upper image is the new design as seen at the British GP, while below is the version used at the French GP. The image clearly shows how the winglet's outer endplate is now a continuation of the closed chimney panel, similar to Ferrari. Below the winglet is now more open space to pull more air towards the centre of the car, helping downforce at the rear end. At the same time, the sidepod panel has been redesigned with a large slot, now also more similar to Ferrari, despite the panel's tighter integration with the sidepod.
In spite of these aerodynamic improvements, the team decided now to change the frontal shape of the sidepod. While an undercut would benefit the car's performance, such redesign would also involve changing the side impact crash structures and require a new crash test.
Apart from the sidepod improvements, the team also introduced a new shark fin engine cover.

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