Toyota also test shark fin engine cover

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Having already predicted it several days ago, there is another team that has designed its own shark fin engine cover. This time around it's Toyota. They briefly tested the new part yesterday and today ran it again, although not the entire day.
On Tuesday, McLaren was the first with a new engine cover during this test. Both teams are likely to use the new cover as its benefits have been proven by several other team already during this year's championship. The design meanwhile is similar to that of Red Bull and has a far less sharp upper tip than McLaren's design.


By Menno Kroezen on 17-07-2008 at 23:35

Hi Tomba,

What I find interesting is that Williams created their own shark fin engine cover with a little mid/rear wing attached to it for monaco. Whereas they might use the same part in other high downforce races (like the valencia street circuit) they do not seem to have looked into a simple variant. I can not imagine they havent tasted a version without the wing, have they?


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