How to keep an F1 car cool: Renault R29

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The new regulations do not only create problems in finding downforce, but they also give engineers a harder time in trying to cool the engine down. More specifically, since shark gills, chimneys or any other cooling opening in the sidepods is forbidden, all radiator air must come out of the sidepods at the back. Renault have therefore taken a similar approach to Ferrari by making the sidepod some kind of a tube that direct hot air towards the rear. Such wide sidepod however allows it to have a big undercut and be low, two very interesting properties to ensure the efficiency of the rear wing.

One problem at hand is however the rear suspension components that protrude the sidepod body, but a titanium wrapping around the components saves reliability.

Also marked in the image is the shark fin, still present to stabilise the car while cornering. The fin, as well as the rear wing end plates have remained practically the same.

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