Red Bull RB5: an interesting take on the rules

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Red Bull have always claimed that taking the time to develop the new car would prove right, and thus far it appears to be true. From all launched cars, the RB5 is without doubt the most interesting. Those who expected a dull car from Adrian Newey don't know their history too well, as the designer tends to shine upon radical regulation changes.

This time around, the RB5 has the most advanced front wing out there, featuring a triple element base wing that points sharply upwards ahead of the front wheels, hence acting both as a downforce generating wing as well as a shield for the wheels. It is also interesting to see how the moveable element does not extend to the end plate, leaving some room for a clean, gap-less channel of airflow around the front wheel.

Fitted on top of the simple but elegant end plate is a decked element spanning the maximum allowed width. It appears though as if the part closest to the nose is more aimed at airflow stabiliser, rather than to generate downforce.


By mani on 10-02-2009 at 06:14

Though definitely radical and impressive, I suspect the strength of the nose cone and the driver's ride position as few factors that might demand a revision of nose cone design!

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