Long time no see, the pull rod suspension

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It's been a while, but Red Bull have brought the pull rod back to Formula One, and with reason! The last pull rod dates from 2000 with the low nosed Arrows A21 which featured a pull rod. Because of Red Bull's choice to create very low sidepods at the back end, a push rod did not make much sense as the suspension components would prevent a clean airflow anyway. Hence, the new version has allowed the designed to put more components close to the car's floor, lowering its centre of gravity.

As this allowed for an even tighter rear end, the rear upper wishbones actually connect above the car's bodywork, in the most ideal position. The arms are fully horizontal and connect as the centre of the car. With some imagination, if you would turn the car upside down, the rear suspension is effectively an inverted single keel. The keel is here supporting both upper wishbones.


By joseff on 11-02-2009 at 11:49

The lower A-arm and pullrod mounting holes are almost too big... How are they going to argue that these aren't cooling holes?

By Steven on 12-02-2009 at 12:56

Actually there's nothing in the rules that states it cannot help cooling. The only specification is for the maximum surface of the apertures for suspension. So, inventive placement can no doubt help a bit ;)

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