Force India debut pitlight system

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Force India have brought a new pit light system to the German GP. After extensive testing in the factory, the new system will replace the lollipop and should improve average pitstop times for the team. The lead technician will now press a button to switch the light to green.

A similar system was introduced by Ferrari in 2008 but abandoned after Felipe Massa's early exit from the box at the 2008 Singapore GP tore up a refuelling hose. The Scuderia is however again using the system this year, along with several other teams.


By mx_tifoso on 23-07-2010 at 22:02

Now it looks more like a real street stop light, or binoculars.

By warmasice on 24-07-2010 at 00:07

looks like force india is starting to think of itself as a major player in f1. the others better watch out!

By Jonsson on 29-07-2010 at 15:50

This is too bad. I like the human element of the lollipop guy. Lewis Hamilton had a terrible lollipop guy earlier this year. He'd make Hambone lose 2-3 places a race. I loved him!!

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