McLaren in the dark on flexing front wing

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McLaren have been running a new front wing design since Silverstone, in many ways quite different to its opponents. The new wing - in the lower half of the image - has a slightly revised endplate but also includes a more elaborate vertical support ahead of the inner front tyre wall. While it supports the stacked element, it has now become an important element to manage the airflow over the wing and onto the front tyres.

Meanwhile though they have discovered the performance advantages Red Bull's flexing front wing might bring, and the team are desperately trying to understand the system, which so far they have failed to do. At the same time the team acknowledged that they are running somewhat behind in the blown diffuser area. At least they know what to do next...


By Jonsson on 01-08-2010 at 03:07

They've completely lost the development edge. They had something with the F-duct, but that's it! The McLaren team does not have the ability to keep up with developmental innovations by other teams, nor come up with cutting edge solutions to particular tracks. At least Ferrari can quickly adapt to the best solutions by other teams. In my mind, McLaren's season is dependent on Hamilton's ability to drive an inferior car.

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